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Food For Thought | Maximize your OEE with data

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31 augustus 2022

Do you want to maximize your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)? Read all about why a data & analytics platform is the way to optimize your  production process!


OEE encompasses all activities which support the production of value-added output. The fundamental goal of the OEE metric is to identify ways to improve an organization's ability to produce more with less. The three aspects it measures are:

Availability: The amount of time during production runs that is actually dedicated to the jobs at hand. Both planned and unplanned delays will bring your score down.

Performance: The speed of production, meaning small stops and slow cycles will bring the score down.

Quality: The number of any inaccuracies, defects, or faults in finished products that require additional work or have to be trashed will impact the score.

By tracking OEE, you are able to identify areas where your process is losing productivity and take action to improve them. An optimal OEE cannot be achieved without having a way to measure the various components in the production process. This is where the data & analytics platform comes in.


A data & analytics platform is a system that helps organizations collect, store, and analyze data from a variety of data sources. This type of platform can be used to help maximize your company’s OEE.

By collecting data from various sources organizations can identify areas where they can improve. Additionally, a data & analytics platform can provide insights into trends and patterns that improve your OEE that may not be apparent at first sight.


So how do we improve OEE with data? A data & analytics platform can help you better understand your company's production process as it collects, stores, and combines data from IoT, PLC, MES and ERP. In addition, it can also get external data such as weather data  and energy consumption rates.

The real value of a data & analytics platform is its ability to enrich the internal data with the external data and get valuable and actionable new insights out of it. In comparison, regular software is usually limited to just a single internal datasource and do not capture all the variables that impact your OEE.

In addition, a data & analytics platform can help companies maximize their OEE by providing real-time visibility into equipment performance and product quality. Allowing companies to identify issues quickly and take corrective action to keep production running smoothly and preventing callbacks.


First of all, it brings structure to the unstructured. Enabling us humans to make sense of it all. We have access to more data than ever before. However, the large volume of data can be overwhelming and result in an information overload

Secondly, a data & analytics platform helps you collect, store, combine, and analyze data more effectively throughout your organization. This leads to better decision making overall. Which adds up financially.

Having accurate data & analytics at your disposal also enables you to identify improvements in other parts of your organization. Such as inventory, sales, and finance. Investing in a data & analytics platform is crucial.

It is a big undertaking to harness the power of data. When done correctly it enables you to make the best-informed decision possible and gives you a major competitive advantage.


A data & analytics platform helps you to achieve your OEE goals. It gives you instant visibility into your equipment performance, as well as providing features like predictive maintenance and real-time alerts. Which leads to reduced maintenance and repairs, optimized production planning, and waste reduction.

Do you want to get the perfect OEE score?! Or want to know more about the benefits of a data & analytics platform just ask the author a question!

Sjors Otten

“Insights without action is worthless”

Sjors Otten is a pragmatic and passionate data & analytics architect. He excels in leveraging the untapped potential of your organization’s data. Sjors has a solid background in Business Informatics and Software Development.

With his years of experience on all levels of IT, Sjors is the go-to-person for breaking down business- and IT-strategies in workable and understandable data & analytics solutions for all levels within your organization whilst maintaining alignment with the defined corporate strategies.

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