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Strategic data & analytics workshop

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Creating a shared vision of data and analytics is essential to building a data-driven organization. Have you already developed your data & analytics strategy, but are you still struggling to reach your key business objectives? By building a data & analytics roadmap you’ll be able to execute your data strategy successfully. In our 2-day workshop we’ll help you develop your own roadmap to get the most out of your data.


Building a 3-year data & analytics roadmap

Without a data & analytics roadmap in place, it can be difficult to communicate your vision, establish a strong foundation that will support it, and secure buy-in from top executives in your organization. You need an actionable plan that provides you with a clear path forward and specific details on how to execute your data & analytics strategy.



The first step in building a data & analytics roadmap is to clarify your business’ goals with all key stakeholders. What are your company’s big-picture goals for the next 3 years? Together we’ll assess the current situation of your business as well as your desired situation in the future alongside the main pillars of People, Process, Data, and Technology. The next step is identifying high-level milestones for each year, based on business goals or expected changes to your business.


On day 2, we’ll reflect on day 1, after which we will translate your annual goals into quarterly goals. Once again, we’ll focus on People, Process, Data, and Technology. With your quarterly milestones in place, the next step is filling the timeline with deliverables that will be required to build out the data & analytics initiative. It’s important to consider how each tool, technology, or process fits into your initiative, as well as the people and resources that will be required to complete it.

Customer experience

Dit is een faketekst. Alles wat hier staat is slechts om een indruk te geven van het grafische effect van tekst op deze plek. Wat u hier leest is een voorbeeldtekst. Deze wordt later  vervangen door de uiteindelijke tekst, die nu nog niet bekend is.
  • “Food For Analytics' guidance during our data & analytics journey is nothing short of excellent. Food For Analytics is providing us with a clear strategic roadmap, defining the business unit's structure, the data platform's infrastructure, the architecture, and automation framework. This allows us to drastically shorten our time to market to deliver actionable insights to our business team.”

    Nils-Jan Spek

    BI/DWH Specialist @ Meyer Quick Service Logistics


Building an effective data & analytics roadmap is key to leveraging data and making informed business decisions that lead to success. By the end of this workshop, you’ll be equipped with a comprehensive masterplan that enables you to significantly improve your organization’s data and analytics capability. Leading you to ultimately drive better outcomes for your business.
By following your data & analytics roadmap, you can use data to drive business growth and make decisions more effectively. Are you ready to ensure the success of your data & analytics initiative?

I'm ready to ensure the success of our data & analytics initiative

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