Food For Analytics delivers analytics for the food-industy. With our experienced and passionate team, we enable your Data & Analytics vision. We will help to unlock, structure and integrate your data into valuable and actionable insights, according to our values. We always act, build and present in a scalable, flexible and robust manner to give you a solution that is futureproof for your organization.

Since we have a long-time experience in the food industry and IT we know your business, challenges and opportunities. We always work in an agile way to deliver your competitive advantage with your data and our recipe!

Scalable, flexible & robust

We will guide your organization towards a data-driven-culture

Together we will create a scalable, flexible, and robust information platform

Our team has over 20 years of combined experience in retail, food, finance and data & analytics


We define our markets according to our principles.

Data is everywhere. How it is being leveraged differs from market to market. We have vast experience in the Food Industry and asset management industry. However, we are not limited to those. We scale without effort. Information is data with context. We provide the data, you provide the context!

Markets are volatile. Flexibility is a must for us and our clients. We do not have a 9 to 5 mentality, we are always going the extra mile for our customers to enable them to thrive in their market.

The only way to scale and thrive in any market is to have a robust foundation in place that “just works”. Our way of working, product and services ensures that your data is always available and ready. Allowing you to focus on what matters most, delivering value for your customers!


Our product and consultancy-services follow our principles.

You can start small with our product and gradually expand according to your needs and requirements over time. It is horizontally and vertically expandable, without impacting the existing functionality.​

The product enables the combination of data from multiple systems. It is built from the ground up with the believe that the only constant is change. Hence, it has the flexibility to implement changes and new requirements in the shortest amount of time possible.

The product is stable, solid and consistently build on proven technologies and methodologies that can be used for many years.


We setup our team only with the best, according to our principles.

As a team we work on innovative ideas that will benefit our customers. We believe that knowledge sharing is key to innovate, learn, and deliver value.

We feel strongly about freedom and autonomy. Each employee is free to determine their own working hours in a day and way of working. ​We provide the ability for our employees to work on innovative concepts and improve their skillset on a regular basis.

Working result-oriented in a stable organization is key, where energy and fun is a must to keep on going with passion. Food For Analytics has a clear strategy and extremely driven team-members.

What our Customers say

“Food For Analytics will be a great partner to any organization looking for a practical, business facing data strategy that will actually be implemented and deliver results.”

Brian Ferris
Chief Data and Analytics Officer @ Loyalty New Zealand
(former Senior Director Enterprise Data & Analytics EMEA @ Nike Inc.)

“Food For Analytics'  guidance during our data & analytics journey is nothing short of excellent. Food For Analytics is providing us with a clear strategic roadmap, defining the business unit's structure, the data platform's infrastructure, the architecture, and automation framework. This allows us to drastically shorten our time to market to deliver actionable insights to our business team.”

Nils-Jan Spek
BI/DWH Specialist @ Meyer Quick Service Logistics

“Food For Analytics demonstrate a clear passion and skillset when it  comes to data. whether its architectural design, strategic support or building a sustainable Data & Analytics infrastructure platform, there guidance, support and execution on such projects is excellent. Striving for recognition and opportunity in this data analytical world, they continue to build upon their product portfolio with a desire to fulfil the end customer needs, an enabler of key insights to support business decisions."

Stewart Henderson
Group IT Manager @ Goodlife Foods

Delivering scalable, flexible, and robust information value chains 


At Food For Analytics we combine more than 20 years of experience in retail, food, finance and data & analytics. It is our mission to help your organization transform its data into valuable and actionable insights. By doing so, you can focus on what really matters for your organization.

Portrait of Sjors Otten

Sjors Otten

“Insights without action is worthless”

Sjors Otten is a pragmatic and passionate data & analytics architect. He excels in leveraging the untapped potential of your organization’s data. Sjors has a solid background in Business Informatics and Software Development.

With his years of experience on all levels of IT, Sjors is the go-to-person for breaking down business- and IT-strategies in workable and understandable data & analytics solutions for all levels within your organization whilst maintaining alignment with the defined corporate strategies.

Portrait of Gert-Jan van Fessem

Gert-Jan van Fessem

“Actions over words”

Gert-Jan van Fessem equals actions over words. When a plan has been made, we stick to it and make it happen. He always goes for the maximum result, whether it is in finance, organization, or communication. Next to leading large ERP-implementations, Gert-Jan has improved business processes and insights into cost prices and margin as a team lead and subsequently project manager.

Having a solid background as Register Controller and over 20 years of experience in a large plethora of organizations, ranging from small- and medium-sized business to multinationals, he delivers concrete solutions with tangible results.

Benito van Breugel
Senior Data & Analytics Consultant

“Understanding the business is key”

Benito van Breugel is a pragmatic and business focused Data and Analytics consultant. Benito is great in explaining complex technical matters in an understandable manner to business and vice versa. Benito has a strong background in econometrics and in building core end-to-end Microsoft Data solutions. Over the past few years he excelled in roles as a data-engineer, solutions-architect and is currently driving various cloud initiatives within Food For Analytics. 

By sharing his experience and passion on everything data, Benito will always be challenging the business-teams within your organization to become even more data-minded.  

Arièlle Kluitenberg
Data Engineer

“Just imagine, just visualize, and never stop learning”

Arièlle Kluitenberg has a strong background in Applied Mathematics and experience in the health care industry. She loves helping people and upskilled herself in Microsoft Power BI, cloud-native-technology, and languages such as SQL and Python.

“Just imagine, being able to take a thousand different bits of metal. Fit them all together in a certain way, feed them a little oil and petrol, press a little switch. Suddenly those bits of metal will all come to life, they will purr and roar, they will make the wheels of a motor-car go whizzling round at fantastic speed. “

The story above metaphorically shows Arièlle’s passion to get the most out of your data at all times. She is able to unlock, combine, and bring your data to life. Her goal is to show you things, to teach you things, to amaze you and above all trigger your imagination with your newly found valuable insights.