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Eliminate waste in your processes through data & analytics

Optimize resource allocation and increase sustainability.

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Maximize your production

Looking for ways to increase the efficiency of your resources? With our data & analytics platform you’ll be able to identify and eliminate bottlenecks, improve equipment availability, and steadily increase the OEE of your plant.

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Increase your sales

Looking for a 360-degree view of your customers to maximize sales? Our data & analytics platform stores, processes, and visualizes all your data in one single place. With these new found actionable insights you are able to make data-driven decisions about your sales process.

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Streamline your finance

Tired of fragmented data? Siloed data can make it difficult to get the information you need in time and in an accurate manner. You can break down data silos and streamline financial processes with our data & analytics platform.

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Be able to do more with less

Are you struggling with getting the most value out of your data? We make your data work for you. With our all-in-one data & analytics platform we collect, connect, and visualize all your data. Enabling you to improve sales, optimize operations, streamline finance, and much more.

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Strategic Data & Analytics workshop

Without a strategic data & analytics roadmap in place, it can be difficult to reach your key business objectives. In our 2-day workshop the goal is to develop a roadmap together, that provides you with all necessary tools, steps, and actions to successfully start your data-driven journey.


Actionable insights in a week

Eager to find out how to unlock the full value of your data? Within 5 days we’ll construct a Proof of Concept (PoC) in our FFA Titan platform with your data. Together, we’ll collect, connect, and visualize your data to produce new, actionable insights that enhance your decision-making.


Managed Data & Analytics platform 

FFA Titan is our cloud-based data & analytics platform for the food industry. It’s scalable, flexible, and robust. With FFA Titan you can take control of your data and actively monitor and optimize your processes. Thereby eliminating waste in your processes, increasing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), cutting costs, and maximizing sustainability.

Actionable insights 
with FFA Titan
Data pipeline failures with FFA Titan
OEE reached 
with FFA Titan
Terrabytes processed with FFA Titan


Microsoft Power BI training

Does your data have a purpose? If not, you’re spinning your wheels. During our data and analytics training, you’ll learn how to collect, connect, and visualize data in Microsoft Power BI, resulting in actionable insights for your business. These skills will assist you in making informed decisions and gaining a competitive edge.



Maximize your data's potential with our Microsoft Azure solutions. From organizing data to leveraging AI, we offer personalized consultancy services tailored to your business. Collaborate with us to tailor solutions that meet your unique challenges and goals, following best practices every step of the way.


Customer experience

Over the years we’ve helped over 50 organizations to get actual value out of their data, backing up new ideas and efficient decision-making with solid evidence. Here’s what our customers say about our collaboration.
  • “Food For Analytics will be a great partner to any organization looking for a practical, business facing data strategy that will actually be implemented and deliver results.”

    Brian Ferris

    Chief Data and Analytics Officer

  • “Food For Analytics has enabled Mola BV with instant insights into our Operational Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) per production-site and provided Sales figures on demand with exceptional performance. Working with Food For Analytics is structured and very pleasant. They always have a concrete plan of execution and strive to deliver the best report! The team is passionate and has knowledge of the whole Data & Analytics space, which accelerates the delivery of the customer needs."

    Björn Meulepas

    Manager Finance & IT @ Mola BV

    Mola logo
  • “We have been working together with Food For Analytics for more than 5 years. In this time, they created a great BI platform and great insights into our data. These insights helped us in making the right decisions to grow our business. I have already recommended Food For Analytics to several relations and will continue to do so.”

    Roald Heinsbroek

    Finance Director @ Luiten Food

  • “Food For Analytics added a great deal of value to our business. They implemented a compact but effective data & analytics platform. Microsoft Power BI gets us the insights that we need. Through these insights we optimized our production processes. Food For Analytics’ knowledge of the food-industry is a real benefit. They just understand our business and deliver.”

    Sander Peters

    Business Manager @ PG-Kaas Import/Export GmbH

    Pg Kaas
  • “Food For Analytics' guidance during our data & analytics journey is nothing short of excellent. Food For Analytics is providing us with a clear strategic roadmap, defining the business unit's structure, the data platform's infrastructure, the architecture, and automation framework. This allows us to drastically shorten our time to market to deliver actionable insights to our business team.”

    Nils-Jan Spek

    BI/DWH Specialist @ Meyer Quick Service Logistics

  • “Food For Analytics demonstrate a clear passion and skillset when it comes to data. whether its architectural design, strategic support or building a sustainable Data & Analytics infrastructure platform, there guidance, support and execution on such projects is excellent. Striving for recognition and opportunity in this data analytical world, they continue to build upon their product portfolio with a desire to fulfil the end customer needs, an enabler of key insights to support business decisions."

    Stewart Henderson

    Group IT Manager @ Goodlife Foods

    GoodLife Foods


We know your challenges

With over 20 years of experience in the food and IT industry, we know your business inside out. Resulting in successful solutions that solve your business challenges.

We know your challenges

We know your challenges

With over 20 years of experience in the food and IT industry, we know your business inside out. Resulting in successful solutions for your business challenges.
We know how to solve them

We know how to solve them

We always go beyond the obvious. We’re part of your business and act as one, enabling you to add new data sources quickly and provide new business value fast.
We know what we deliver

We know what we deliver

We commit to what we offer. We deliver on time and provide a clear budget. Our platform is built on proven Microsoft technology and optimized for your business.


Information is the fuel that powers our decisions. When it comes to data & analytics, we got you covered. In our blog section you can find new inspiration, check out the latest news, and learn how to bolster your own business.
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