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Just like in cooking, where high-quality ingredients are essential to creating a perfect dish, accurate and complete data is crucial for generating data-powered business strategies. When there’s no clear purpose or objective behind the selection of data metrics, there’s a risk of arriving at inaccurate conclusions or failing to arrive at any conclusions at all. 

During our 2 day Microsoft Power BI Training you’ll learn how to effectively collect, connect, and visualize your business’ data in Microsoft Power BI, resulting in an accurate dashboard and actionable insights for your business.
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During our training, you can expect to learn about various data collection methods and connecting different data sources to Power BI. You’ll also learn about data modeling, which involves shaping your data into a structure that is optimized for analysis and reporting.


Visualization is an important part of data analysis. In this course you’ll learn how to use Power BI’s visualization to create compelling and informative reports. One of the key features of Power BI is its ability to apply time intelligence to data, which allows you to analyze trends and patterns over time. Guided by one of our Microsoft Power BI and data storytelling experts, you’ll use Power BI’s time intelligence features to extract even more insights from your data.


- Expert knowledge and experience in collecting, connecting, and visualizing data in Microsoft Power BI
- Experience in applying DAX and M to complex data analysis tasks and creating powerful data models
- Your own Microsoft Power BI dashboard with valuable and actionable insights
Looking for ways to develop your skills in data analysis and visualization with Power BI? Sign up for our training and start making data-driven decisions for your business.

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