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FFA Titan translates data into actual intelligence. It collects, connects, and visualizes your data, enabling you to actively optimize processes and make informed decisions.

Many companies have a large amount of data scattered across different systems or departments. If this data is not effectively managed or integrated, it becomes fragmented, resulting in inconsistencies and inaccuracies. Make your data accurate, consistent, and up to date with our managed data & analytics platform: FFA Titan.

FFA Titan is the platform for the food industry. It collects, connects, and visualizes your data, enabling you to actively optimize processes and make informed decisions. Thereby increasing the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), cutting costs, and eliminating waste.

How ffa titan works

FFA Titan is a fully automated and scalable platform utilizing the rock-solid foundation of Microsoft Azure. It integrates with various systems:

- Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
- Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
- Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

FFA Titan can easily extract data from external data sources, such as weather, exchange rates, livestock process, and terminals.

Because it uses open standards, it’s equipped for data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning applications.
FFA Titan

FFA Titan integrates seamlessly with the most important food industry applications:

Exact Online
Microsoft Dynamics NAV
RBK group
Microsoft Business Central
AFAS Software
Pantheon automatisering
PATCH production
Dynamics 365
Reflex systems
Foodware 365

Customer experience

Dit is een faketekst. Alles wat hier staat is slechts om een indruk te geven van het grafische effect van tekst op deze plek. Wat u hier leest is een voorbeeldtekst. Deze wordt later  vervangen door de uiteindelijke tekst, die nu nog niet bekend is.
  • “Food For Analytics demonstrate a clear passion and skillset when it comes to data. whether its architectural design, strategic support or building a sustainable Data & Analytics infrastructure platform, there guidance, support and execution on such projects is excellent. Striving for recognition and opportunity in this data analytical world, they continue to build upon their product portfolio with a desire to fulfil the end customer needs, an enabler of key insights to support business decisions."

    Stewart Henderson

    Group IT Manager @ Goodlife Foods

FFA Titan connects out-of-the-box to the following technologies and much more

Object store technologies

Azure Data Lake Service Gen 2 / blob storage
Amazon Web Services S3
Google Cloud Storage
Hadoop File System (HDFS)

Database technologies

Azure Synapse / Azure SQL
Microsoft SQL Server

Streaming technologies

Azure Eventhub
Apache Kafka

Time series / historian technologies

Azure Time Serie Insights


FFA Titan is built on proven mainstream technology and specifically designed to scale to your needs, both in terms of storage and computing. Our platform is flexible and agile, allowing us to start small and scale quickly to accommodate any data volume with ease.

With our ability to add new data sources quickly, we make sure that your business can derive value from your data fast.

Our focus on scalability, flexibility, and performance makes FFA Titan the ideal platform for businesses looking to get maximum value out of their data.
FFA Titan

Increase your sustainability By eliminating waste With FFA Titan

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