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29 februari 2024

Standing still is the fastest way to move backwards in a changing world. As a vital part of our world, the food industry is changing fast with evolving markets, fierce competition, changing regulations and the challenge to be more sustainable. At FFA, we are constantly investigating, optimizing and further developing our data platform in order to empower innovation and enable companies to become more data-driven. That's why we're excited to introduce the next step in our journey: the launch of FFA Titan 2.0, an updated cloud-based data & analytics platform for the food industry. In a blog post series, we'll go over different topics that are related to FFA Titan 2.0. Some topics are technical, but others are more business oriented. Below you'll find a short introduction.

New processing engine for data and analytics platform

Processing Engine

The heart of our data platform, the processing engine, will be transitioned from Synapse to Databricks. This decision has been made to process large volumes of data more efficiently. The increase in performance means faster insights, better decisions for businesses and lower cloud costs.

Storage Architecture

With the switch to Databricks, we will also leave our SQL-based anchor modeling solution and leverage the flexibility of delta.io. Titan 1.0 is built according to our architectural guidelines, but the updated architecture is more scalable and efficient. Whether it's historical data for trend analysis or real-time data for immediate action, the new architecture ensures that data is stored optimally, reducing costs and improving performance. Next to the utilization of delta.io, Databricks Unity Catalog will make data governance and security management easier.

Networking Infrastructure

Security and cost reduction for data & analytics platform

A robust networking infrastructure is vital for any cloud-based platform. With FFA Titan 2.0, we've simplified our networking backbone, reduced costs, made access easier, while ensuring the same secure environment.

Overall Resource Consumption

The data platform is cloud-based, but eventually the cloud is just hardware in large datacenters of cloud providers. These datacenters consume enormous amounts of energy and therefore have a significant environmental impact. So, efficiency isn't just about performance; it's also about energy consumption. Our updates to FFA Titan 2.0 focus on optimizing resource consumption across the whole platform, ensuring that our platform is not only more powerful but also more sustainable.

Automation Framework

We always say that we're lazy developers, but in reality automation does not just save time; automation is key to scalability and reliability. FFA Titan 2.0 introduces an enhanced automation framework that simplifies the roll-out of the FFA Titan platform. This means less manual intervention, reduced errors, and more time to focus on innovation and strategic improvements.

Stay Tuned

This blog series will explore each aspect of FFA Titan 2.0 in detail, providing insights into how our cloud-based data and analytics platform can transform data management in the food industry. We'll share success stories, technical deep dives, and practical tips for leveraging FFA Titan 2.0 to its full potential.

Bram Cooijmans
Data & Analytics consultant

"Technology without value is just a tool, not a solution"

Bram Cooijmans is pragmatic and business focused data & analytics consultant. Bram is great in explaining complex technical matters in an understandable manner to business and vice versa.

Bram his role within Food For Analytics is a combination of understanding the business challenges and implementing the Data & Analytics platform, which is built on the Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

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