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If you work as a sales manager in the food manufacturing business, your job is to handle everything related to selling your products. This includes finding new customers, keeping track of sales numbers, and figuring out how well you're doing. Nowadays, in business-to-business dealings, using data and analytics is super important. It helps you make smart choices and boost your company's sales.

In this e-book, we'll talk about the common issues that sales managers face, why using data will skyrocket your sales, what kinds of data are most important, and how FFA Titan can help you sell more.

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Customer experience

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  • “Food For Analytics will be a great partner to any organization looking for a practical, business facing data strategy that will actually be implemented and deliver results.”

    Brian Ferris

    Chief Data and Analytics Officer

Unlocking Sales in Food Industry with FFA Titan

Maximizing sales in food industry requires more than just a gut feeling or mere intuition—it demands data-driven insights. At Food For Analytics, we recognize the importance of food industry business intelligence as input for strategic decision-making. Our data & analytics platform, FFA Titan, is tailored for the food industry, empowering sales teams with actionable insights to boost sales, penetrate new markets and drive growth.

One of the biggest challenges that sales managers in the food industry face is the lack of accurate and actionable data in one single place. This can make it difficult for them to make informed decisions about which products to promote, how to price them, and how to best serve their customers. Additionally, many food companies rely on a variety of different systems and software, which can make it difficult to get a holistic view of the data.  

AI in the food industry

FFA Titan aggregates data from all kinds of data sources, including Accounting Systems (AS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Combing this with external data like demographics and environmental factors gives you a competitive advantage.  AI in the food industry helps in product development by analyzing trends, insights, and preferences. This enables your organization to create targeted innovations.

For instance, AI algorithms analyze social media data, identifying popular food trends and flavor profiles, helping organizations anticipate consumer demand. This data helps in brand / marketing optimization from a standardized global marketing campaign to local marketing campaigns geared towards specific demographics in a certain region.

Increase Your Sales

With FFA Titan, businesses can maximize sales in the food industry by implementing tailored strategies for specific customer segments. Our platform enables businesses to optimize market segmentation and drive sales. It also facilitates enhancing customer retention through 360-degree customer reviews and data-driven product portfolio management.

Whether it is external or internal data FFA Titan can handle it all. Be it in real-time, event-based, or batch-based, FFA Titan provides you with out-of-the-box time-intelligence that helps with advanced trend analysis on all your historical data and enriching it with external data sources.

Whether you are a consultant food industry or involved in business development within the food, FFA Titan equips you with the business intelligence tools your organization needs to thrive. With insights and comprehensive data analytics, FFA Titan enables data-driven sales strategies in the food industry.

By having all your data from all your data sources in one place, it becomes amazingly easy to analyze and gain a holistic view of your entire sales process, leading to actionable insights. This, in turn, allows for optimized market segmentation, higher customer retention, and a boost in sales.


Information is the fuel that powers our decisions. When it comes to data & analytics, we got you covered. In our blog section you can find new inspiration, check out the latest news, and learn how to bolster your own business.
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