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31 oktober 2023

The Data & Analytics landscape has a vast number of technology stacks, vendors and solutions available. Deciding where to build your data & analytics platform, in the cloud or on-premise, is crucial. Are you ready to make the choice?

Why should I evaluate requirements for a cloud or on-premise data & analytics platform?

We can be sure about one thing; every organization takes decisions based on information, every day. Data is everything and everywhere, without data, there is no foundation to steer upon as an organization. Each organization works with data in a different manner.

The way a data & analytics platform suits the organization best depends on its current and future requirements. Hence, a clear understanding of requirements is key in deciding to host your platform in the cloud or on-premise.

we can categorize a requirements as being a 'functional requirement' or a 'non-functional requirement'. The table below presents a categorization of these types of requirements.

Functional requirementNon-functional requirement
Business definitionsPerformance
Audit trackingReliability
External interfacesMaintainability
Reporting requirementsData integrity
Dashboard requirementesData ownership
Historization of dataUsability
Legal compliancyScalability
DocumentationBackup and recovery
Requirement types - functional and non-functional requirements

How do requirements drive a cloud or on-premise data & analytics strategy?

Getting clarity on your needs and prioritizing these requirements will help you define and drive your organization’s Data & Analytics strategy. Out of the defined Data & Analytics strategy the right capabilities, solution-architecture, and solutions will be implemented.

Your organization’s data & analytics platform will then provide the required capabilities to gain new and valuable insights. This enables you to make well-informed decisions. Sometimes, simple insights enable more powerful actions.

What are the security concerns for a cloud or on-premise data & analytics platform?

When choosing a platform, the security discussion is always on the table. A lot of customers still prefer to control their own services, rather than subscribing to a cloud solution. Generally, objections like “I don’t want to have my data located somewhere else” arise. Do you believe this is still true in the age of digital transformation?

Any vulnerability, on-premise or in the cloud, will have a significant impact on clients, cloud providers, and vendors. The cloud has many protection mechanisms and certifications to ensure the highest degree of security. Your organization’s requirements and policy dictates whether you will build the data & analytics platform in the cloud or on-premise.

Deploying on-premise will give you full control of your data and security settings, but it comes with a maintenance effort. Deploying to the cloud will give you scalability, flexibility, and robustness. You can start using it with a click on a button through a pay-as-you-go subscription.


Whether you want to go cloud or on-premise, Food For Analytics is here to help. We assist you in defining a clear vision, strategy, and deliverable(s) through our strategic data & analytics roadmap workshop.

Our data & analytics platform is scalable, flexible, robust. It has been built upon the principle that change is the only constant.

Ready to start your data & analytics journery? We are here to help you by providing you with the best possible information and insights out there!

Sjors Otten

“Insights without action is worthless”

Sjors Otten is a pragmatic and passionate data & analytics architect. He excels in leveraging the untapped potential of your organization’s data. Sjors has a solid background in Business Informatics and Software Development.

With his years of experience on all levels of IT, Sjors is the go-to-person for breaking down business- and IT-strategies in workable and understandable data & analytics solutions for all levels within your organization whilst maintaining alignment with the defined corporate strategies.

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