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Food For Tech | Robust and Scalable data solution / Part 1

Are you on a data journey within your organization? Let’s make sure to focus on creating a scalable, flexible, and robust data platform for your organization. As we are living in 2020, there are hundreds of tools, packages and solutions available that enable an organization to use data effectively.

Food For Thought | Architectural Guidelines

In our previous Food For Thought blog we have dived into the business question where to put your data platform, in the cloud or on-premise. However, no matter what you choose, in each situation the architectural guidelines are essential for a consistent solution that will add significant business value. How this technically can be achieved, will be addressed in the next Food For Tech blog, but first, let’s put focus on the business side.

Food For Tech | Meta Driven Tabular model

Data is everywhere and always changing, since everything is data, it is important to have an information platform that can cope with changes in a scalable, flexible, and robust manner. One of the solutions available that serves the business with insights is called an Analysis Services Cube model (OLAP capability). It can run both on-premise and in the cloud. Therefore, this service delivers great business value, drives better analyses and decision making without impacting your ICT strategy.

Food For Thought | Cloud vs On-Premise

In a world that is rapidly changing and becoming more and more data addicted, it is difficult to regain focus and use the right information to make well informed decisions. Within the Data & Analytics landscape there is a vast number of technology stacks, vendors and solutions available, which adds unwanted complexity to make the right choice for your organization.