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Data is everything. Provide it with a bit of context and it turns into information. Using this information will lead to wisdom. When wisdom is applied correctly it results in valuable and actionable insights.  To keep your wisdom up to date just check this blog regularly on everything data!






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Food For Thought | Data Science in the Food Industry

Are you struggling with data and how to get the most value out of it as a food manufacturer? In recent years Data Science has emerged as a powerful tool in a large number of industries such as retail, finance, and supply chain. However, little has been done with it in the food industry.

Food For Tech | Extracting Weather Data

Nowadays, a data product is never finished. there is a never-ending desire and possibility to add more features and data to it. What if we could help you with integrating historical, actual, and forecasted weather-data into your data product?

Food For Thought | Seeing Is Believing

You are doing great, doing what you love most, running your business, perfecting your product, and nurturing your customers. To accomplish this, you are monitoring various aspects of your business, from people to production and from procurement to sales.

Food For Tech | Hooking up ODOO ERP to Apache Kafka

In this blog we will take the first step into our data-journey; hooking up source-application ‘Odoo ERP’ to the data-in-motion-component ‘Apache Kafka’ and write the raw data in (near)-real-time to the data-storage-component ‘AWS S3’.

Food For Thought | What is my role?

As consultant I am working with data on a daily basis for various clients. Data is anywhere, everywhere, and available in all kinds of formats. In this day and age, it is essential to get valuable insights out of that data.